2015 Showcase Information & Application Form

Proceeds Benefiting the Stefanie Spielman Fund at OSU's Comprehensive Cancer Center
James Cancer Hospital and Solove Research Institute

Friday July 10th through Sunday July 12th, 2015

The competitive purpose of this Junior Olympic softball event is to provide a quality playing venue with like teams so that the softball athlete can state her case for why she should be playing at the collegiate level.

18U & 16U Premier Division games @
Fred Beekman Park (8 lighted playing fields)
2200 Carmack Road
The Ohio State University Campus
Columbus, OH 43210

16U Premier Division games @
Hilliard Municipal Park (8 lighted playing fields)
3800 Veterans Memorial Drive
Hilliard, OH 43026

14U Premier Division games @
Hilliard Municipal Park (8 lighted playing fields)
3800 Veterans Memorial Drive
Hilliard, OH 43026

14U Futures Division games @
Pickerington Central Softball Complex (4 playing fields)
300 Opportunity Way
Pickerington, OH 43147

12U Rising Stars Division games @
Pickerington North Softball Complex (4 playing fields)
7800 Refugee Road
Pickerington, OH 43147

10U Starting Stars Division games @
Coffey Road Park (4 playing fields)
2027 Coffey Road
The Ohio State University Campus
Columbus, OH 43210

18U Premier = 48 teams @ 43' pitching distance, games start @ 10:30 am Friday
16U Premier OSU = 16 teams @ 43' pitching distance, games start 9:00 am Friday
16U Premier Hilliard = 32 teams @ 43' pitching distance, games start @ 1:40 pm Friday
14U Premier = 32 teams @ 43' pitching distance, games start @ 8:00 am Friday
14U Futures = 24 teams @ 43' pitching distance, games start @ 9:30 am Friday
12U Rising Stars = 24 teams @ 40' pitching distance, games start @ 9:30 am Friday
10U Starting Stars = 24 teams @ 35' pitching distance, games start @ 9:30 am Friday

Teams must indicate their true age eligible status on their application form. Age eligible is defined as the age group a team will play its state tournament or national event in. The rules of engagement for play-ups are as follows:

18U Premier Division - any 16U age eligible team may apply to play in this division.

16U Premier Division - only 16U age eligible teams may apply to play in this division.

14U Premier Division - any 14U age eligible team may apply to play in this division.

14U Futures Division - any 14U age eligible team may apply to play in this division.

12U and 10U age eligible teams are not eligible to play up.

The full selection committee will make the final decision on a team's play-up application. If a team has applied for a play-up slot but is not granted that slot by the selection committee, the team can decide whether or not to accept their invitation to play.

As for having two 14U playing sites, 14U Premier will be targeted towards, but not limited to, 2nd year 2000 14U teams (2018 high school graduates). 14U Futures will be targeted towards, but not limited to, 1st year 2001 14U teams (2019 high school graduates).

Hilliard Municipal Park is located 8 miles (20 minutes travel time) west of the OSU campus. This playing site was added to address college coach requests for having a closer grouping of 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, and 2019 athletes than we were able to achieve with just the OSU and Pickerington Central playing sites which are 45 minutes apart. Also, the addition of Hilliard Municipal Park allows us to increase the number of teams in the combined 14U, 16U, and 18U Premier Divisions for 2015.

The showcase will be a (5) game minimum. There will be (4) pool games with teams seeded into a single elimination bracket. See Showcase Rules for an explanation of the seeding procedure and the 18U Premier/Platinum split. Schedule requests and changes will not be able to be accommodated. Weather permitting, championship games are scheduled to start at:

18U Premier @ Fred Beekman Park = 3:00 pm start
18U Platinum @ Fred Beekman Park = 3:00 pm start
16U Premier @ Hilliard Municipal Park = 2:00 pm start
14U Premier @ Hilliard Municipal Park = 2:00 pm start
14U Futures @ Pickerington Central = 2:00 pm start
12U Rising Stars @ Pickerington North = 2:00 pm start
10U Starting Stars @ Coffey Road Park = 3:00 pm start

The Master Field Schedule can be downloaded at the bottom of this page.

All games will have (2) umpires except for the championship games which will have (3) umpires.

18U Premier = $775 US ($825 CAN) entry fee
16U Premier = $775 US ($825 CAN) entry fee
14U Premier = $775 US ($825 CAN) entry fee
14U Futures = $650 US ($700 CAN) entry fee
12U Rising Stars = $650 US ($700 CAN) entry fee
10U Starting Stars = $550 US ($600 CAN) entry fee

The entry fee must be a personal check or money order made out to "Ohio Stingrays". All teams will be notified via e-mail that their application and entry fee have been received. Teams should pay for the division they apply for. We will make entry fee adjustments after the selection process if need be.

Refunds will not be made after your team has been accepted into the showcase.

No checks will be cashed until a team has been notified of being accepted in the showcase and responds by e-mail that it will accept the invitation and any requirements attached to it. All communication regarding the showcase will occur via e-mail.

Checks of teams that we are not able to provide a playing slot for will be torn in two separate halves and photo copied for our records - the torn check halves will be shredded. We will not be able to return un-cashed checks. Thank you for understanding.

All entry fees must be postmarked by Saturday January 3rd, 2015. The selection process will not begin before this date. Selection will not be done on a first come, first served basis.

Selection will be determined by committee only. Many criteria will be used to determine the final showcase field. Every year it is a painstaking process that we approach with a great deal of effort. Among the factors to be considered will be strength/results of your actual 2014 playing schedule, strength of your proposed 2015 playing schedule, completeness and honesty of paperwork, and for 18U, 16U, & 14U teams, a listing of the colleges and universities following your team.

Due to the number of applicants, we will not be able to provide teams with individual explanations of why we were not able to provide a playing slot for them. Thank you for understanding.

All teams will be notified of their playing status via e-mail by Monday January 12th 8:00 am at the latest.

PGF will accept any sanctioning body's insurance. Teams DO NOT need to be PGF registered/sanctioned in order to participate. Teams must leave a hard copy of their insurance certificate at check-in.

All head coaches must leave a hard copy of their NFHS concussion training certificate as outlined by Ohio House Bill 143 - please review the Youth Sports Concussions web page @


All playing sites will have their own check-in station.

Age Group Champion - team and individual awards
Age Group Finalist - team and individual awards
ALL TEAMS - notice by a college coach

Age 18 eligible softball athletes having completed one year of playing or having redshirted in college (D1, D2, D3, NAIA, NJCAA) are NOT ELIGIBLE to compete in this showcase.

There is no gate fee at OSU Fred Beekman Park, OSU Coffey Road Park and Hilliard Municipal Park.

The Pickerington Local School District will charge a $5 one time weekend pass fee at Pickerington North and at Pickerington Central. Each team will receive (3) coach passes, children under 10 are free. The Ohio Stingrays have no control over this policy and will receive no funds from this fee.

Field #7 at Fred Beekman Park has an artificial infield surface. Players my wear metal cleats. All other fields have dirt infields.

Parking at Ohio State is free with restrictions. For Fred Beekman Park, you must use Carmack lot WC5 which is located on the west side of Carmack Road just south of Arthur E. Adams Drive. Parking in the Speech & Hearing lot on Arthur E. Adams Drive just south of Fred Beekman Park is not permitted at all, your car will be fined and towed to Carmack lot WC5.

For Coffey Road Park, you must use the Sisson lots which are south of the playing fields. Parking along Coffey Road is not permitted since it is for handicapped patrons and OSU staff personnel.

For any other metered location at OSU, you must use the PayNDisplay machines. These machines take credit cards only and you must enter you car's license plate number. Place your receipt on your car's dash board.

Parking at Pickerington Central, Pickerington North, and Hilliard Municipal Park is free.

This showcase is a Junior Olympic event and as such, excessive behavior and the use of profanity by any adult or player will lead to ejection from the playing site and could lead to denial of entry for their team the following year.

The use of alcohol and smoking by any attendee is prohibited at all playing sites. Any person caught with or using alcohol will be ejected from the playing site and their team will not be invited back in the future.

Concessions will be available at all playing sites. The concessions at Ohio State will be managed and staffed by the Ohio Stingrays - concessions at the Pickerington Central Softball Complex will be managed and staffed by the Pickerington Central Athletic Booster Club - concessions at the Pickerington North Softball Complex will be managed and staffed by the Pickerington North Softball Club - concessions at Hilliard Municipal Park will be managed and staffed by Destination Hilliard. There may be differences in menu items and pricing.

Coolers can be brought into any playing site.

Pets are allowed at OSU Fred Beekman Park, OSU Coffey Road Park and Hilliard Municipal Park. Pets must be leashed and their owners must be prepared for clean-up if necessary. Pets are not allowed inside the Pickerington Central and North Softball Complexes.

Indoor restrooms are provided at the upper playing quad and at the lower playing quad adjacent to the sand volleyball courts at Fred Beekman Park.

Portable restrooms provided at Coffey Road Park.

Indoor restrooms as well as portable restrooms are provided at Hilliard Municipal Park.

Indoor restrooms are provided at the Pickerington Central Softball Complex.

Portable restrooms are provided at the Pickerington North Softball Complex.

OSU Fred Beekman Park (18U) will have temporary home run fences.

OSU Coffey Road Park (10U) will not have home run fences.

Hilliard Municipal Park (16UP & 14UP) will have temporary home run fences.

Pickerington Central (14UF) and Pickerington North (12U) have permanent home run fences.

The Ohio Stingrays will supply dedicated labor at all playing sites to hand rake and re-line (batter's box, pitcher's circle, foul lines) all fields before every game. All fields will be dragged with mechanization at the end of the playing day in preparation for the following day.

The Showcase Committee can and will control as many aspects as possible to insure that your team has the best playing experience possible, but weather is not one of them. In the event of inclement weather, the Ohio Stingrays Showcase Committee, The Ohio State University, the Pickerington Central and North Softball Complex staffs, and Hilliard Municipal Park will do their very best to get all games in. But you are applying to the showcase realizing that the Ohio Stingrays Showcase Committee reserves the right to alter this event in any manner fit to accomplish the mission of showcasing the softball athletes with the maximum number of games possible under the circumstances. Coaches will receive a rain line phone number at check-in. We will also use the One Call Now system to alert teams and college coaches of schedule changes.

OSU has a weather radar system that "sees" lightning well before we can see it with our eyes, OSU will sound a warning if the radar "sees" lightning 20 miles from the parks, at 10 miles from the parks, they will instruct the parks to evacuate to our cars. The Pickerington sites and Hilliard will run off of the traditional sight system for lightning with the umpires making the decision to suspend play.

Lightning will be automatic cause for suspending play for (30) minutes.

Ohio State, Pickerington Central, Pickerington North and Hilliard will control the decision on when labor can be used on the fields to get them back in playing shape.

The Ohio Stingrays Showcase Committee will control the decision on any adjustments to the playing schedule. The following will be available in the event of inclement weather:

Field Dry - purchased by the Ohio Stingrays and stored at the playing sites

Mechanized Drag - (1) per (4) fields in play to help with wet field preparation

Labor - Stingrays parents as needed in addition to the facility field maintenance staffs.

If the showcase is rained out in its entirety, refunds will be based on:

(Entry Fees minus Non-Recoverable Costs minus Games Played) divided by (Paid Entries)

Every inclement weather situation is impossible to predict and create a refund policy for. The Ohio Stingrays Showcase Committee will make every attempt to be fair to teams that are not able to complete their 5-game minimum, but will not be able to define refund formulas for these situations beforehand. Please allow (2) to (4) weeks for an inclement weather refund.

Rudy Zych @ Ohio.Stingrays.Showcase@stingraysfastptich.com

Apply online for the 2015 Summer Showcase by visiting the following link:


Each team must list (2) email contacts and (2) cell phone contacts. In order for your application to go to the full selection committee in January, you must send in your entry fee to the address below by January 3, 2015.

Ohio Stingrays
94 Montrose Way
Columbus, OH 43214


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